About Sohma Rae Hathaway

Sohma Rae Hathaway

Artist of pen and pallet.

I’m an author, painter, earth-lover, wife, mother, Christian and future philanthropist. I strive to be energetic, optimistic, fun, compassionate, humorous and humble. I am a recovering sugar-a-holic.

I believe it is the natural life expression of an artist to paint straight from the heart. I am emotionally connected to each piece and therefore, consider myself an exhibitionist of the soul. I think we all have inseparable ties to each other with diverse capacities to express love. Through a plethora of painful experiences, I have learned to relate with humanity in a profound way.

My Passion

is to inspire a greater sense of peace and perspective to those who may be suffering, and to remind us of the beauty that is all around us. I believe we have a connection to the earth, in all her majestic beauty. She can easily stimulate the senses and uplift our souls. I see God’s love in a tranquil sunset, with His promise of a new day. Much of my artwork includes allegories and symbols of inspiration, guiding us to the source of light and it’s creative, redemptive value. Art has a way of touching the heart and expanding our capacities.

My Life

is an open book, literally. I have written my life’s memoirs in an effort to help people believe in themselves. I share my experiences with cancer, abuse, failed marriages, bankruptcy, death and even a form of homelessness. I am transparent in my writing because I want to illustrate that there is no place too low that God’s hand can’t reach us. It is never too late to start over…again and again. It’s not what happens to us but what we do with it that matters and life is full of diamonds if we look for them.

My hope

is that I will live my life in a manner that will invite the Holy Spirit to guide my actions and that I might inspire others to do the same. We all have individual, God-given talents and callings that can shape the future and give our lives meaning. Discovering what those are is a journey worth investing in. I hope my talents will speak to you in a way that helps make this world a better place.

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