Sohma Rae Hathaway Launches Her Book – Finding Diamonds in Dungeons – A Must Read During COVID-19 pandemic

Artist shares triumph over deepest trials, bringing hope in the midst of a world crisis.

Where do you find inspiration during these trying times? This story is a great place to start!

According to statistics from The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Assessment, which measures 10 types of childhood trauma, Sohma Rae Hathaway should be living on the streets doing drugs but instead, she is both a successful artist and author who became Sterling Scholar in Art amidst unthinkable odds and then courageously wrote her story.

The ACE test, developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Kaiser Permanente uses data from the study to predict health outcomes and probable life circumstances based on the frequency of traumas experienced. Sohma’s score was 7 out of 10.

That’s almost unheard of! How is she defying the odds?

Her memoir Finding Diamonds in Dungeons – A journey through heartache and loss to a compelling view of pain’s purpose answers that question. Sohma takes you through a plethora of difficult life experiences showing that our upbringing need not define us, our trials and mistakes need not condemn us and the wounds of others need not destroy us. It’s a powerful illustration that we are stronger than we know.

Why is this so relevant now?

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, feeling disconnected and alone is a common but debilitating experience. “Humans instinctively want to be in groups or tribes,” Sohma observes of the present situation. “When we can’t see smiling faces, gather with loved ones or get enough of that human touch, it leaves us feeling like we have to face our trials alone.”

Most of us know that pain is our best teacher. Hardships come in many forms and no one is immune but it’s hard to face them on our own. This suffering is an unavoidable part of the human experience, yet today it seems even more prevalent, with grief, anxiety, and fear of the unknown plaguing our minds. Research has linked the pain of loneliness with decreased psychological wellbeing and increased symptoms of psychiatric disorders. It also negatively affects the immune system and other physical health factors.

What is the solution? Humans need humans to thrive.

This is where Sohma’s story comes in. People love to connect through their life experiences. “If we can’t connect physically, we can still do it emotionally,” she says.

Readers learn Hathaway’s story in four parts.

  • The Betrayal details an unthinkable event that opens Hathaway’s eyes to the toxic nature of her relationship with a narcissist. This creates a pivotal moment where she begins to recognize the broken patterns and belief systems within her.
  • The Background describes the painful experiences from Sohma’s childhood and early life that helped form these beliefs.
  • The Boxing Ring takes us through yet more traumatic events, including a cancer diagnosis and a back surgery gone wrong.
  • The Breakthrough happens during a narrative in the form of an imagined conversation with pain. Here Sohma discovers her true identity and a way to get through the heaviest of hardships.

Her writing is authentic and transparent.  “If mistakes were cakes,” she says,  “I’d have the biggest bakery in town.” Using this and a gentle sense of humor , Sohma is able to lighten the mood and help the downhearted feel better about themselves.  Her recently released bonus edition is complete with reflection exercises at the end of each chapter to guide you in your own journey through pain.

Sohma Rae has chosen to record the ‘bad’ so that it can be used for good. Read this (book) only if you want to successfully end the negative belief systems of generations and come out a better human. This is an inspiring and personal book that will leave you changed!” —Jeff Brown, Keynote Speaker and

Host of the Read to Lead Podcast

With all of the uncertainty in life swirling around us and circumstances requiring social distancing, we can still conquer the feelings of isolation through the strength of each other’s stories. This creates a powerful source stronger than the pandemic or any other personal trials we face that would otherwise lead us into our darkest moments.

When in the dungeons of life, we still have the power to shine like a diamond. So shine on everyone. We need each other.

About The Author Sohma Rae Hathaway

Sohma Rae Hathaway is an overcomer, passionate about helping others transcend the pain of trials and tragedies. Using her unique talents, she sings, writes, and paints, as a way of relating to others. She is also a vibrant empath who will laugh and cry with you.

Inspired by Sally Hogshead’s “How the World Sees You,” Sohma’s archetype is a Catalyst. Sohma is adept at creating strong interpersonal connections, expressing herself through creative language and humor, and inspiring others to make change. She is driven by a profound sense of adventure and curiosity, as well as valuing spontaneity, change, and innovation. At ease in unproven waters, Sohma is easy to warm up to, and her creativity allows her to find unexpected angles and solutions as a mentor and life coach.

Sohma is an accomplished artist who’s favored works have symbolisms of faith, hope and other inspirational topics painted within. Whether her artistic skills helped her cope or the painful experiences helped her dig deeper into her creativity isn’t certain, but these experiences gave her unique insights into the brokenness we all experience and it helped her produce incredible works of art.

She is a true inspiration for each of us never to settle for mediocrity and to recognize that we are powerful beyond measure.

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